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Versailles: Magnificent exterior of the architecture

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« It’s not a palace, it’s an entire city. Superb in its size, superb in its matter. » – CHARLES PERRAULT, LE SIÈCLE DE LOUIS LE GRAND, 1687 

The Palace of Versailles is in the town of Versailles in Yvelines, southwest of Paris, France. The biggest feature of the Palace of Versailles is in addition to the magnificent exterior of the building, there is also a 744-yard-long garden with a total area of about 250 acres. The flowers and trees are arranged in a neat arrangement to present special patterns, located in the forests and paths on both sides. The combination is very clever, coupled with the statues and fountains everywhere in the garden, people who come to the Palace of Versailles can’t help but sigh at the luxury and wealth of the French royal family at that time. 

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A fun fact about Versailles:  

Hot chocolate was once popular in the royal family 

In the Palace of Versailles, King Louis XV loves hot chocolate. Because the king had this preference, the world followed suit. At that time, cocoa drink was a rare thing, it was rare and expensive, so it was favoured by the royal family. Even Maria Antoinette is not exempt, she also liked hot chocolate. In 1770, when Maria Antoinette married Louis XVI, she brought her chocolate drink maker into the palace and gave him a very brilliant title: ” Queen’s Chocolate Drink maker”. 



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