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Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger (Women’s Perfume)

A new Twilly d’Hermès joins the unique tribe    


Twilly Eau Ginger is the third to join the Twilly d’Hermès tribe. 


A new Twilly with the same rule of three for the Hermès girls: one for the tribe, tow for boldness, three for attitide. 


Twilly Eau Ginger weaves together three materials: a generous and vibrant peony, a vivid candied ginger, and a supple, lively cedar. This dazzling creation exudes sunshine and joyful energy 


Inside its box, printed with theAstrologie nouvelledesign reworked in freshcolours, sits theTwilly Eau Gingerbottle,tied with a new silk ribbon and topped witha brilliant white cap.


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Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger (Women’s Perfume)

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