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Film Screening – Struggle For Life

Marc Châtaigne (Vincent Macaigne), a trainee of the Ministry of the Standard, is entrusted with a delicate mission by the minister’s cabinet director: to go to Guyana to monitor the upgrade of “Guyaneige”, the first indoor ski track in Amazonia. This must boost tourism. On site, he embarks on a visit to site to check that everything is in order. To get there, he is accompanied by Tarzan (Vimala Pons), a pretty trainee at the National Forest Office who serves as a driver. After a road accident, they get lost in the forest. Quickly, the two young people are confronted with many dangers.

French Trivia Night

How well do you know France and the French culture? Come alone or bring some friends and test your knowledge in a friendly atmosphere!

Let’s Talk about French w/ Chip Tsao

With renowned multilingual columnist, broadcaster, and writer Mr. Chip TSAO, director of AFHK Mr. Jean-Sébastien ATTIÉ and director of studies Mr. David CORDINA, let’s dig out the hidden gems in the French language!