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Stay in Hong Kong with a French twist: Voyage Series – Paris

We would love to take round-trip tickets to our favorite destination along with our ValentineStay in the city and revive your favourite romantic places in the town 

Walking down to the Quai de Seine or Canal Saint Martin, that’s a romantic memory that most of people who live in Paris owns

In Hong Kong, we can do the same with many promenades that the city offers us. As most of us are celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong, we would like to share with you the best tips to find great lifestyle in our very own city.  

We have looked at the best spots to relax and take a good break. The Harbour, near Central or Tsim Sha Tsui, you can choose the Island or Kowloon side. There is always a time to stop for a moment and enjoy the life to the fullest by contemplating our environmentAt some point, this year, we have managed to be more resilient. Take a deep breath and walk side by side with your loved ones, is pretty much a nice exercise.

Frenchie, what’s so French? Walking and contemplation! There is quite a background story with French education and lifestyle, we love books, we love philosophy. Talking hours with our friends about life and the meaning of existence is something we enjoy a lot! Sometimes we just stay quiet (yes, just to take a sip of coffee or a sip of wine!) and we look around, amazed by the scenery. Hong Kong skyline is so beautiful. We only want to explore more of this city. 

Wan Chai to Kennedy town promenade 

Walking by the seaside, that’s romantic, simple and healthy! If you are on the Island side, there is no better place than the waterfront, you can start your walk from Wan Chai to Kennedy Town. A nice promenade to try with your Valentine, your friends or family.  

Check the Instagram pier, especially during the sunset, a good spot to take a sensational picture. 

Tsim Sha Tsui promenade 

If you are Kowlooner, Tsim Sha Tsui with the K11 Musea  is definitely your best choice. Don’t miss out on this new shopping experience with art, exhibitions and design exploration!

This special month, K11 Musea has turned into Musea Rouge experience. We have tried and loved this chill vibe with Cartier pop-up booth, Mon Coeur sculpture and multiple terraces, outdoor cafés and shopping incentives. From the signature, Fortnum & Mason Tea Set to a personalized bouquet by Blooms & Blossoms, the Al Fresco Dining package is here to offer the full Parisian street café experience and an afternoon of bliss.   

The Cartier pop-up experience is certainly a blast to you! Immerse yourself in the romantic ambience of L’Amour by Cartier. You can capture your cherished moments at the Red Box Photo Booth – modelled after Cartier’s iconic jewellery box and brought to you in collaboration with Alliance Française de Hong Kong. Grab a pen and write a letter of love to your Valentine at the pop-up postcard counter and they will send it for you later. (6F, K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA) 

 ‘C’est Mon Coeur’, where you can make your wish of Love under the heart of MUSEA, is another spot to try. Stand under the immense red heart at Opera Theatre and make your biggest wish of love. Beautiful place for an Instagram pic!  

West Kowloon promenade 

Have you ever been to West Kowloon Cultural District? That’s also another lovely place for picnic! You can find some nice coffee shops (great sweet treats too!) and bars with amazing view and vibes. Last but not least, it is a pet friendly place, so you can always see our little friends playing around on weekdays or weekends.  

Explore the hidden gems with a French vibe inside out


At la Crêperie, unveil your Brittany adventure! Warm atmosphere and joyful team, the House of Brittany with simple and delicious meals always give you a pleasant feeling to our French heart. A good glass of cider along with a lovely crêpe is a delight for the head, heart and appetiteAny savoury and sweet crêpe will bring you back directly to Quimper or Brest, cities near the sea, salt with Brittany vibes! When you enter La Crêperie, you plunge into Brittany, back to France.  You said we should travel to get a French experience? Stay in Hong Kong and travel with La Crêperie 

”Where there is taste, there is culture. Having hosted countless parties, wine tastings, and concerts along the way, La Crêperie has further established itself as an ambassador of the Brittany culture in the Far East.  [..] In various cities, we cordially invite you to dine in La Crêperie. Please allow us to help you check the stress along with hunger at the door of our restaurant. Let La Crêperie be the luscious bastion against the boredom and weariness of everyday life. 

Welcome and Bon appétitKenavo!”
Philippe Ricard, Founder 

Read our interview with Philippe Ricard 


At La Cabane, you would get this typical French bistro experience and we love it! Cozy, warm and that’s perfect for a date or gathering with your loved one or friends. Our favourite things at La Cabane are trying new cheese, wines and cold cuts with an amazing and cheerful team. They give you the best advices to reach your expectations according to your taste. 

We pick our wines from small artisan growers because we believe in their philosophy. That philosophy is on a small scale: sustainability, organically or biodynamically grown vineyards and minimal intervention in the winery. We care about our wines, so we guarantee a controlled temperature from the vineyard to your glass in the most sustainable way possible.” La Cabane 


Have you tried this homey atmosphere of ÔDELICE? It pulls you into the streets of Paris, where cafés burst with indulgent aromas and laughter. Authentic and homey food, all-day dining ÔDELICE is the place to be to find this little Paris experience. 


Do you know La Maison du Chocolat? It is a marvelous institution for French people. Chocolate is life, chocolate is the best to cure your moody day! La Maison du Chocolat is one of the best chocolate confectioners that you can find in Hong Kong. We always look forward to their seasonal collections, you can’t be disappointed either at the quality or the creativity. Currently they launched the Paris Blue Hour box, delicious and splendid!

Michelin Experiences with your loved ones 

Caprice – Enter a creative and elegant journey 

Classic French savoir-faire takes on global accents. Caprice offers an extensive selection of wines with Chef Guillaume Galliot’s inventive dishes at the heart of Central. 

This year, Caprice won again the recognition of three Michelin stars. Chef Galliot revealed the secret behind the success of Caprice, “We do not compromise on the quality of food, as well as making a creative progress on each dish with its standard.” 

ÉPURE – Explore a contemporary delicacies’ world

Known for uncomplicated yet elegant contemporary French cuisine, ÉPURE is located in a tranquil terrace that is nestled within the bustling city center. Headed by Chef Nicolas Boutin, the restaurant offers exciting contemporary dishes that showcase the finest seasonal ingredients from France.  

With Nicolas Boutin’s world-class credentials, culinary artistry, and love for simplicity, he offers ÉPURE’s guests an extraordinary dining experience. Despite the hardship under this year, ÉPURE won the recognition of one Michelin star in the five consecutive years.   


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Stay in Hong Kong with a French twist: Voyage Series – Paris

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