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Stay in Hong Kong with a French twist: Voyage series – Osaka to Kyoto

White Day is approaching!  White Day celebration is a Japanese traditional Valentine’s day: on March 14, the person who received chocolate on Valentine’s Day would give back a gift of sweets or chocolates to the person who offered them. So, this year, how would you celebrate this lovely Japanese festival with your significant other?  

One thing we can all agree on is that Hongkonger and French people love traveling to Japan! In spring, we enjoy the cherry blossom; in summer, we adore the natsumatsuri (Japanese summer festival); in autumn, we appreciate the maple leaf scenery; and in winter, we love the snow. But what can we do if we stay in Hong Kong? Although we can’t travel around the world and immerse ourselves in Japanese culture, we do have some must-go places and must-eat restaurants in the city that can give you Japanese twist to your White Day and bring some vintage and chill vibe to you.   

Nan Lian Garden would remind you the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.  

Nan Lian Gardenfound just near the Diamond Hill station and adjacent to Chi Lin Nunnery, is designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks and wooden structures The red bridge and the pavilion in Nan Lian Garden resemble the one in Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion in Kyoto) because, in fact, the third floor of the Kinkaku-ji is built in traditional Chinese chán style (禪宗佛殿建築風格) and the top is also a tradition Chinese Cupola of the Ultimate (究竟頂). So, just enjoy a moment of tranquility and serenity in the Garden. Close your eyes and feel like in Kyoto! 

Address60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon 

Ho Pui Reservoir Bamboo Forest: Path to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove 

Another place that we all miss in Kyoto must be the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, but no worries, we have found a similar bamboo forest for you in Hong Kong! Ho Pui Reservoir is situated in the Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk, this is a flat dirt hiking trail and is a little over 5 km and requires around 1.5 hours to finish (excluding photo-taking time). After passing by the reservoir, the Bamboo forest would be right in front of you! Peaceful, calm, pleasant and sunshine falling down, this path brings you directly back to Kyoto! 

Address: Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk  

Cheung Chau Pak She Park: Hidden Torii in Mountain  

One of the most memorable and significant places in Kyoto must be the Fushimi Inari shrine! Thousands of Torii situated in the southern part of Kyotobeing the gateway between the human world and the sacred world of Shinto gods. But do you know we also have a torii in Cheng Chau? Following the trail of mini great walls (長洲家樂), you will find the Torii in the Pak She Park in just 30 minutes! 

Address: Mini Great Walls Trail, Cheung Chau 

Now, it’s time to get some taste of Japan after some sight-seeing in Hong Kong! 

Let’s be amazed by the wonderful and lively food offerings in Hong Kong, we are so lucky to have such nice places to find the authentic taste of worldwide cuisines.  

 Grandmama Café: A taste of vintage and Mont Fuji 

Have you ever wondered what does Fuji mountain taste like? Well, here is a chance to try: Grandmama Café is inspired by the Fuji Mountain and the Lion rock, infusing the cuisine Hong Kong and Japanese characters into their cuisine and creating delicate visual and tasting experience for every grandchild! If you want to have a taste or a sip of Fuji mountain and enjoy some vintage vibeGrandmama Café is definitely the place for you. 

Address: 1/F, The Nate, 176 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong 

Birdie: One of the Best Yakitori in Town 

Yakitori is one of the must-eat in Osaka and in Japan! And we would like to present Birdie, one of the best Yakitori in Hong Kong, to you. Birdie provides exquisite yakitori experience and specializes in skewers of 12 different chicken partsBeers, skewers, welcoming staffs, where can you find a better place to catch up with a friend? 

Address: 9/F, The Steps ‧ H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central 

WabiSabi Coffee: The Japanese Aesthetic of Transience and Imperfection 

Wabi-sabi is the traditional Japanese aesthetic of the acceptance of transience and imperfectionWabisabi Coffeelocated in Kwun Tong, brings you to an environment of tranquil, natural and imperfect by the perfect coffee and simple cuisine. Enjoy a moment of peacefulness and share it with your friend or family in Wabisabi Coffee! 

AddressRoom C, 4/F, Everest Industrial Centre, 396 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong 

Feature image credit to @inefekt69 on Tumblr


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