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Perfect relaxing facial mask to try!

Have you tried the Josiane Laure products before? If no, you should give it a try!

It feels just so great especially when you need to relax for a while — you can relieve all your stress and let the professionals take care of your skin. The products are organic, always with a guaranteed high quality. You will feel the cleaning and refreshing effect on your skin right after the facial mask treatment.

We have experienced the facial mask treatment at the RNC Beauty Spa ourselves!

Step 1: Visit to the RNC Beauty Limited 

It is a beautiful and clean spa with highly qualified professionals.  You will feel comfortable in just a minute! Not only can you take a look at Josiane Laure products, but you can also ask the staff questions immediately.

Step 2:  Consultation

Do you truly understand your skin type and its needs? Maybe not.

It would be better to ask a professional to know how to treat and nourish your skin well. Especially for your face, it is so important to possess an efficient and effective daily skin care routine. At the RNC Beauty, they can provide you with advices regarding your skin and usage of different products to keep it refreshing and glowing!

Everyone has his or her own skin type so it is always better to know if your skin is more like a normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of all.

How to identify normal skin:
  • fine pores
  • good blood circulation
  • a soft and smooth texture
  • a fresh, rosy color uniform transparency
  • no blemishes
  • not prone to sensitivity
How to identify oily skin:
  • enlarged, clearly visible pores
  • a glossy shine
  • thicker, pale skin – blood vessels may not be visible
How to identify dry skin:
  • feel tight, rough and look dull
  • a rough and blotchy appearance (sometimes it appears to be prematurely aged)
  • possible itchiness
  • more sensitive to irritation, redness and the risk of infection.
How to identify combination skin:
  • an oily T-zone (forehead, chin and nose)
  • enlarged pores in this area perhaps with some impurities
  • normal to dry cheeks

Step 3:  Facial Treatment

From our own experience of the relaxing and smoothing facial treatment, we know that you can feel the marvelous sensations on your skin during the whole treatment. It exfoliates and purifies the face, soothing the skin in which the elasticity is getting better. It firms your pores, clarifying and lightening your skin. You feel the difference. There is no doubt that your skin has been well nourished.

100% recommendation!

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Daily face cream with regenerating, purifying and softening actions, to be used before the night. Fights against aging and skin problems thanks to the peculiar virtues of geranium. The face regains its suppleness, brilliance and youth. For all types of skin

Ingredients: Essential oils of lavender, geranium, lemon, thyme and rosemary

How to use: To be applied in the morning or night after cleaning the skin. To be used three times a week with 5 drops of a synergy of essential oils based on the type of treatment. Contains essential oils, avoid contact with eyes


Gentle facial scrub, formulated with purifying and astringent organic essential oils. Exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells and impurities thanks to bamboo marrow extract. Refines and softens the skin texture

Ingredients: Bamboo marrow extract, organic aloe vera leaves, grapefruit bark, geranium, lemon, pensy extracts, mauve wood flower, barbade roots

How to use: Once or twice a week, apply to damp skin. Scrub gently using circular movements. Focus on the T zone. Rinse


Soothing lotion which gently completes your make-up removal and leaves your skin glowing and radiant. Rich in extract of organic hamamelis which encourages microcirculation. The combination with organic aloe vera soothes, refreshes and softens your skin

Ingredients: Extract of organic hamamelis, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract

How to use: After removing your make-up, apply the lotion over your whole face using cotton wool


Make-up removal and revitalising milk, rich in vitamins E, B and PP. Recommanded for normal and sensitive skins, as well as for eye make-up removal

Ingredients: Saya and avocado unsaponifibles

How to use: Apply to the face and neck. Remove make-up using light circular movements. Rinse with water and apply the Organic Soothing Lotion


Apply daily in order to purify and moisturize body and face. Thanks to its remineralizing actions and because it is rich in elements, this gel cleanses and stimulates cell renewal. Leaves skin smooth, soft and clean

Ingredients: Lavender floral water and witch hazels

How to use: Regularly apply in order to clean and purify body and face. Based on the type of treatment, add 5 drops of a Synergy of essential oils to the gel


Firming gel for the chest and inner arms and legs. Improves firmness and tones the skin. Prevents slackening and loss of elasticity

Ingredients: With essential oils of rosemary, cajeput, peppermint and salvia

How to use: Foaming gel to apply to the areas to be firmed preferably 5 minutes before your shower or bath. Every day for 15 days and then 3 times a week


Day cream with active hydrating ingredients for daily use, enriched with organic jojoba oil. It preserves the skin’s natural hydration and fights aging thanks to its nourishing, softening, anti-aging properties. Its unctuous texture is suitable for sensitive skins

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, sesame, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, and rosewood

How to use: Apply each morning to clean, wet skin


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Perfect relaxing facial mask to try!


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