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Paris: Best of the both world in its full of distinctive features

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The city of Paris, France is full of distinctive features, from urban layout to subway transportation, from urban architecture to art and culture, from fashion shopping to amazing food.  

The Seine River naturally divides Paris into two partsthe left sideand the right one, and what has been separated since then is not only the land of Paris, but also the temperament of Paris.

The left bank is the Latin Quarter, which has the strongest academic spirit, and is the place where Sartre, Hemingway lingers day by day. The right bank is the place with culture and luxury landmarks. The opera house, the Galeries Lafayette, the Champs-Elysées, and the shadows of clothes and temples are all prosperous that never ends. Looking at the shore from the bottom of the bridge, it looks like a silent movie, with a curtain, light and shadow, and a plot. 

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A fun fact about Paris:   

Do you know about this beautiful picnic spot? anyone can enjoy picnics, Drinking and dancing, etc., enjoying French time.Therefore, if you would like to try to be a Parisian in Hong Kong, why not enjoy a picnic at the waterfront? WestKowloon or Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Park are great places to enjoy both sunset and evening Hong Kong sceneries. 


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