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Ofée – The simplicity as supreme sophistication

Since 2006, Ofée is more than a brand, it is a vision. Giving to each woman the freedom to invent and reinvent herself according to the whim of her desires.

Owing to this ambition, the Maison combines tradition and modernity, French savoir-faire and creative delicacy. Earrings are designed by the piece. Creations exist on a variable geometry. Between revisited classics and contemporary creations, Ofée embraces the diversity of inspirations.

Grant the time needed for the creative process. Feel. Design. Sketch. Start again and finally understand. Offer obvious creations and blooming jewels, to live the moment and last through time. Find balance in the widest disparity. Bring lightness to intensity. Catch delicacy in intrepidity. Create harmony from discrepancy.

Ofée believes in one essential thing: simplicity as supreme sophistication.


Contemporary, daring and exquisite. Since 2006, Ofées’ has been paying tribute to the savoir-faire of the craftsmen at Place Vendôme. The missions to create a “wardrobe of jewelry” that woman today are looking for. The collections are designed for the active lifestyle of independent women. Our delicate pieces can be easily mixed and matched to accommodate the many sides of you.


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Ofée – The simplicity as supreme sophistication

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