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Nourish mind, body, spirit – La Maison du Chocolat

“And what if we just stopped making chocolate like we always have…”

In Nicolas Cloiseau’s secret world, chocolate prods his inner stirrings. He is always musing about the chocolate of tomorrow, of ganache invented anew, leaving no stone unturned. Obsessed with anything and everything that could make a difference, he unlearns his approach to his craft to turn the tables on the tried and true alchemy of yesterday.

His “Bien Être” (it means ‘Wellness’ in French) Collection breaks away from academic practices. Not losing sight of his convictions, he imagines chocolate differently. He lays ganache bare in order to expand its possibilities and take on the challenges imposed by its natural state. Say bye to cream, butter and sugar. His chocolate invites you to experience a new reality. The magic of the ganache is that the taste is the same, the couvertures are perfectly balanced and the silky texture is still as delightful.

Inspired by the extensive work of Dr. Thierry Hanh* on the infinite nutritional richness of vegetables and fruits, Nicolas Cloiseau focused on liberating chocolate from animal fats and proteins.

He is not interested in easy clichés, chocolate lite or unsweetened chocolate; this is not his purpose. His idea touches upon the unthinkable. Because if you intend to remove cream and butter from a ganache recipe, the composition of ganache as we know it crumbles. A challenge not for the faint of heart: nine months of trials to achieve just the desired texture of the chocolate, just as long to perfect the flavors.

Using ingredients with dense nutritional values, he boosts the antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds and vitamins in chocolate. Mango, turmeric, aloe vera, propolis, squash seeds, and pomegranate are the key players in this collection, which boasts a minimum of 45% fruits, sometimes up to 74%.

His secret?

Simply purées, fruit juices and nectars to give life to these very silky chocolates. Honey and maple syrup as natural sweeteners, hazelnut oil for creaminess and natural chicory fiber for substance.

The intensity of the chocolate is expressed more freely, unfettered from cream and butter, which impact the flavor; it has a more pristine expression to showcase the lovely finishes on the palate. The final result? In spite of the fact that a veritable revolution in chocolate has occurred, the sensations are unchanged, the good taste is intact and the silky texture is the same…

This Wellness Collection of fruit ganaches is born from a bold idea. 100% natural, 100% vegetal, 100% awesome. As delicious as ever.

Nicolas imagines a Wellness macaron inspired by the Bon Bon Chocolate Pomegranate of Wellness Collection. He preserves the coques of the classic macarons but does without animal fats in the chocolate ganache.

Cream and butter are replaced by purées and fruit juice for silkiness, maple and agave syrup for natural sweetness and hazelnut oil for creaminess. Besides using an ingredient with high added value: pomegranate, Nicolas Cloiseau boosts the natural antioxidant and vitamin properties of the chocolate. In the end, sensations have not changed, the good taste and texture remain intact, the intensity of the chocolate remains the same.

Maybe you can also insist on the fact that it is a very new recipe, 100% vegetable, without cream or butter but with antioxidant benefits (thanks to the pomegranate).

*Dr. Thierry Hanh, nutritionist doctor for over 30 years, shares his scientific expertise of cuisine and health with corporations, and well-known chefs to promote gourmand, balanced nutrition. Nicolas Cloiseau has been interested in his research on the role of pastry in nutrition by taking a qualitative nutritional approach without impacting the taste and texture.  


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