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La Creperie – an unexpectedly yummy gluten-free treat

by Aude Camus and The French Guide

What is gluten?

Gluten is the generic word for the proteins to be found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale. Proteins which, for various reasons ranging from health to overall lifestyle, more and more people are trying to cut nowadays.

Yummy news!

A diet which is not always easy to stick to when eating out as often as we do in Hong Kong. Luckily Hong Kong food scene offers an increasing range of options to cater those needs. Great news is, those options are also getting yummier and yummier.

Who says gluten free had to be boring? For example, did you know that La Crêperie authentic French galettes were made with buckwheat and therefore were gluten-free?

La Crêperie brings you the true taste of Brittany and brings it you no matter what your diet is.

Crepes party anyone?

About La Creperie

Crêperies are typical casual restaurants originated from Brittany (West of France) and where people can enjoy simple yet super yummy savory crepes (also known as galettes) and sweet crepes with a glass (or maybe two) of Breton apple cider. Bretons do love their crepes!

Originated from Brittany, our founder, Philippe Ricard, decided to open his first restaurant in Shanghai in 2007 with a simple idea: bringing the true taste of Brittany to Asia. After making its mark on Shanghai’s bustling dining scene, La Crêperie has quickly expanded its footprint across the region with outlets in Shanghai (3), Hong Kong (3) and Ho Chi Minh City (1) becoming an ambassador of the culture from Brittany in the Far East. Galettes and crepes are, of course, the stars of the menu but La Crêperie also plates up many other traditional French delicacies along with the freshest seafood from Brittany.


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La Creperie – an unexpectedly yummy gluten-free treat

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