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Van Cleef & Arpels: Lucky Spring Collection



Van Cleef & Arpels celebrates the coming of spring with creations imbued with vitality. This Spring 2021, the Maison is unveiling Lucky Spring, an original jewelry collection alive with colorful motifs as a tribute to this season of rebirth. 


Van Cleef & Arpels selected and matched the materials with the utmost care, to compose a poetic rendering of nature’s shades while imbuing the creations with a particular vivacity.  


At Van Cleef & Arpels, “good-luck animals” have consistently played a choice role as tender companions of daily life. With their unmistakable silhouette and their sparkling spots, ladybugs have fluttered from lucky bracelets to joyful clips. In this lively collection, colours are sparks of life. The Maison’s experts take utmost care to select fine gems like red-orange carnelian shade and black onyxassemble with rose gold which captures light in dazzling reflections 


Balanced with elegance and enhanced by the simple sophistication of every pieces, Lucky Spring collection is the perfect items for this floral and joyful season.  




The collection inspirations and ideas were brought with Céline Thibault & Géraud Pellottiero and Kim Haddou & Florent Dufourcq. 


“In the shadow of swaying cherry leaves, the beaded contour and radiance of the jewelry are heightened by the shimmer of springtime sunbeams. We wanted to create a triptych that would evoke the choreography of a ladybug. The raw sculpture and the iridescent quality achieved by ennobling bas-relief cherry wood carvings create contrast effects while accentuating the delicacy of the rose gold.”, Céline Thibault and Géraud Pellottiero.



“We aspired to express a dreamlike vision of spring, awash in vibrancy and the promise of rebirth. Deeply inspired by the lush vegetation and the spirit of liberty and reawakening that characterize this joyous time of year, we wanted to pay tribute to nature’s poetry and metamorphoses, themes dear to Van Cleef & Arpels which are brilliantly illustrated in this Lucky Spring collection.”, Kim Haddou and Florent Dufourcq.



Shop G16-17, G/F, 10 Chater Road Landmark Prince's - Central
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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