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ROUGE HERMÈS: spring-summer 2021limited edition collection


The spring-summer 2021 Rouge Hermes Limited Edition collection is now available in selected Hermes retail outlets around the world.

Beige Ebloui, Rose Oasis, Corail Aqua… A new collection of three limited-edition lipsticks, three beauty objects lacquered for this one season in vibrant, sunny colours. Fleeting idylls, polychrome visions along a white-hot road. Canyon colours, a blissful moment of escape, energy in abstract form. Fragments of molten yellow, pink, turquoise and coral. 


BEIGE EBLOUI: the vibration of sand richly warmed by the sun, an amber caress on the lips. 

ROSE OASIS: neither quite fuchsia nor quite magenta, an exalted pink, part bougainvillea, part succulent plant.  

CORAIL AQUA: a divine dip in a turquoise pool, the shimmering glow of a bright and intense vermilion.  

The objects in the spring-summer 2021 Rouge Hermes Limited Edition collection are refillable. This possibility adds a sustainable dimension to their unique temporal presence. 

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