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Lignes sensibles by Hermès

“The whole collection resembles a caress. The necklaces are as soft as arms around the neck.” 

Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès jewellery 

Lignes sensibles is a true manifesto presented by Pierre Hardy with gracious radicality. This very contemporary and incredibly freespirited collection goes as far as inventing a second skin. Circuits, drop stones and intricate geometric forms evoke organic cartography and compose a sensual world in which the body is exalted. More than simply wearing a piece of jewellery, it asserts a personal truth. The collection’s necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings are suffused with an impression of sensuality in which the skin guides the art of jewellery. 




“I was inspired by objects that are used to listen to the body, such as the stethoscope, which allows you to hear sounds and vibrations that are otherwise imperceptible to the ear. I wanted to transcribe these interior areas, to sketch their design on the skin. I see these lines as radiating out from them. I like the idea that you can choose a different anatomy, reinvent an intimate sensory system, like a wave that is made visible and given form by jewellery.” 




À l’écoute 

An array of harmonious colours unfurls: blue tourmaline, smoky quartz and satin-brushed black jade coil around white diamonds. 

Ondes miroirs 

Delight in these light brown diamonds that run down the neck, adorn the chest and grace the hands. Their colour is a favourite of the Hermès jewellery signature. They bring a touch of tenderness to a gentle composition that flows in a symmetry of graduated shades onto the back, like a caress. 

Hermès Réseau lumière 

A sumptuous sautoir displays a stream of sapphires in graduated shades, while another reveals the white luminosity of diamonds. 

Contre la peau 

This is the miracle created by gifted hands, a new material in which know-how aspires to perfection: a rose gold lattice sparkling with white diamonds. Every contour of the neck like a second skin, minuscule triangles of gold are interlocked with chatons in which the diamonds are set, forming a lace-like mesh of absolute fluidity. 

Hermès Faire corps 

Beauty can emanate from articulation. 

Strength is nourished by delicacy, as with this large bracelet whose weighty and solid appearance belies its remarkable lightness when slipped onto the wrist.  

Gateway Arcade G G106 & G205, 3 – 27 Canton Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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