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Let’s Talk about French w/ Chip Tsao

French is an official language of 29 countries, second only to English, spoken by around 274 million people in the world. It is an important diplomatic language and judicial language, commonly used in many international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee and international courts. Quite a number of English words and expression are of French origin, menu: déjà vu, film noir, je ne sais quoi…

Additionally, the French language has always been leading the world’s scientific and cultural fields, as well as fashion, architecture, cuisine, mathematics, philosophy… And did you know that France boasts the highest number of Nobel Laureates in Literature?

People from all-around the world are keen to discover more about France which makes this country the most visited country in the world.
The French language is the key attribute of all these achievements. Each language has its own worldview, mastering the language will help anyone who wishes to understand the culture.

With renowned multilingual columnist, broadcaster, and writer Mr. Chip TSAO, director of AFHK Mr. Jean-Sébastien ATTIÉ and director of studies Mr. David CORDINA, let’s dig out the hidden gems in the French language!

1/F, Jordan Centre, 52 Jordan Road Hong Kong
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