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Le Temps des Rêves – GOUTAL Paris

GOUTAL Paris and its iconic soft scent of Orange Blossom to enhance your dreamy days.

Guided by poetry and emotion, the new women’s fragrance from La Maison GOUTAL tells the story of a return to the roots in Grasse, the city of orange trees and the cradle of perfumery.

Le Temps des Rêves is a stroll through this city of a thousand bitter orange trees, where the founder Annick Goutal first learned to play her olfactory scales. It distills the sunny and tenderly nostalgic scent of the orange blossom, emblem of the sweetness of life under the Mediterranean sun. Like a reverie to the origins of perfume.

To evoke this journey to Grasse, the birthplace of perfumery, La Maison GOUTAL naturally chose to place the orange blossom at the heart of its new creation. The very symbol of the Mediterranean, orange blossom is a scent with a universal charm that resonates in each of us: from peaceful moments to immense shared joys, from pleasant memories to sunny evocations. Given a majestic role in Le Temps des Rêves, the soothing and comforting flower orchestrates a trail imbued with tenderness and emotion.

La Maison GOUTAL, Shop 20, G/F Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay Hong Kong
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