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Japan Summer Festival – Club Med Kabira and Tomamu

This summer, the two resorts in Japan – Club Med Kabira, Ishigaki and Club Med Tomamu, Hokkaido, will be transformed into hotbeds of festivity, each showcasing exclusive highlights of Japan’s finest offerings. Get an authentic taste of Japanese culture as you enliven your senses with sights, smell and tastes that are unique to the country.

Learn more about the Japan Summer Festival here.


Let the authentic flavours and delectable dishes usher you into the world of Japanese tradition where culture and cuisines intertwine. Guests could also enjoy a unique dining experience via the Japanese Yatai (Food stall) – which is specially launched for this festival. Take the gastronomic experience to the next level; guests could join the cooking lessons to get an authentic taste with our local chefs – to indulge in the flavours of Hokkaido or Okinawa.



From beautiful flower fields in Furano, breath-taking mountain views from the Unkai Terrace to Japan cultural shows, dive into a world of amusing beauty and vibrant colours. And when the night falls, enjoy a Japanese festive evening while our performers will make the culture come alive.



Get ready for an aural adventure through a thousand years of Japanese musical history. From evening shows, music and dance performance to Okinawa sanshin lesson; you could listen as the soothing soundscapes take you back to the time of age-old traditions, and feel the rhythm as it connects you to the cultural heartbeat of this unique nation.














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