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Hermès H24 – Nature and Technology combine in a fragrance for men


“To create this new Hermès signature fragrance, I had to open up other, less predictable paths, to move away from the conventional woodiness of men’s scent.” 

The men’s universe offers infinite variations. A dizzying array of possibilities that Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel has explored with delight and her characteristic genius for swimming against the tide.  

An alternative aromatic note, a wood without the scent of one, and an impressionist molecule: this fragrance cultivates its unique facets one by one. Enriched by all of its sharp edges, H24 is a vibrant, sensual and luminous fragrance. 



The bottle, a challenge in itself, is an exercise in glassmaking prowess, showcasing fundamental forms. Designed by Philippe Mouquet, the aerodynamic lines of this refillable object express the spirit and energy of a contemporary man. 

Innovating and inventing, and not confining men to a single identity. 

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