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GOUTAL Paris – The scents of imagination

At La Maison GOUTAL, each fragrance is a collection of bottled French tales and manifests the story of wild imaginations. 

This summer, GOUTAL PARIS teams up with local artist Samantha to vivify the fragrance story in hand-drawn illustration inspired by intimate memories. Every stroke is just as delicate as a spritz of GOUTAL PARIS fragrances. 



【 Rose Absolue – Romantic Inspiration 】 

With the deep passion for Rose and persistence to natural fine ingredients, Annick Goutal blended the quintessence of 6 noblest roses around the world including the majestic May Rose, the only rose variety in the world that blooms in May for a three-week period in Rose Absolue. With its multi-faceted freshness of an aromatic complex of rosy note, a bottle of Rose Absolue is sure to send any heart a flutter! 


【 Rose PomPon – In the Mood for Paris 】 

The scent of rose is carried on the breeze. Imagine you are strolling down Rue des Rosiers in Paris, where a thousand of rose petals dance and the airy, floral scent lingers; You can feel the vibrant, rosy atmosphere punctuated with the sweet, tangy smell of pastries from those café terraces alongside. Then you realise it’s the scent of Rose PomPon, a fragrance creation that captures a relaxing afternoon in France. 



【 Petite Chérie – The muse of Petite Chérie 】 

Have you noticed that there’s a little girl centering the window display at La Maison GOUTAL? She is Camille Goutal – the muse of Annick Goutal. 

Feeling nostalgia for childhood memories, the little girl wished to revisit the enchanted garden in Paris where a pear tree blossomed beside a blooming rose bush. Not fully woman, not fully child, Petite Chérie is composed by Annick in homage to the growth of her daughter. The tenderness of a kiss between flower and fruit is like a warm hug to your beloved. Petite Chérie is a perfume of transmission and a gift of love that inspires the little girl to continue her mother’s legacy and become the creative director of the brand. 


【 Ce Soir Ou Jamais – Get Intoxicated in Wine-like Rosy Scents 】 

Ce Soir Ou Jamais, a labyrinth of scents created by Annick Goutal for over 15 passionate years, blending Turkish Rose with over 160 secret ingredients. Sophisticated, seductive, yet refreshing as though you’re getting lost in a scented maze, the bottle is meant to inspire endless imaginations on your olfactory journey. 


Want to inspire your imagination with GOUTAL PARIS? Meet them at the store to dive in the art of fragrance now! 


Experience The Scents of Imagination: https://bit.ly/3uN0Fbm 

La Maison Goutal, Shop 20, G/F Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay Hong Kong
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