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ÉPURE Presents an Exquisite Caviar Tasting Menu

Henry Kissinger once said: “I’d do anything for caviar, and probably did”. Caviar inspires a longing like no other delicacy in world gastronomy, enjoying its status as one of nature’s most prized ingredients. Served at ÉPURE in the months of September and October, Executive Chef Nicolas Boutin has crafted a five-course caviar tasting menu as a spectacular tribute to these treasured black pearls of the culinary world.


Central to the menu is the alternate use of Ossetra and Kaluga Amur caviars. Considered one of the world’s most flavourful and elite caviars, Ossetra carries a deep, creamy nutty flavour in translucent dark to light-brown pearls that pop with each bite. Kaluga Amur caviar comes with buttery overtones and nutty notes with a clear, glossy colour that varies from medium to dark brown. Prepared with the skilled hand of a master chef, this tasting menu is not to be missed by fans of precious caviar.


King crab, citrus, red endive, Ossetra caviar
Pairing Wine: Alsace Pinot Blanc Mise du Printemps, Dom.Josmeyer 2017

A very “ÉPURE” style dish of elegant simplicity, the Japanese king crab leg is steamed and served at room temperature, paired with Ossetra caviar and red endives on the side. A zesty citrus sauce provides a subtle and enticing acidity that elevates the prized crab legs to the next level.


Rainbow trout, sea urchin cream, cucumber froth, Kaluga Amur caviar
Paring Wine: Anjou Blanc, Coteau des Treilles, Dom. Pithan Paille 2012


Firm and succulent, the rainbow trout is slow-cooked and served on a bed of refreshing and light cucumber froth. The vibrant sea urchin cream is introduced to subtly harmonise the caviar and the rainbow trout with its delicate, ocean-rich flavour. On the side, a thin and delicate kaniwa crisp adds a layer of memorable texture and nuance.


Milk-fed veal tenderloin, smoked potato mousseline, jus gras, Kaluga Amur caviar
Paring Wine: Nuits-St-Georaes Les Lavieres, Dom.Jean Gri vat 2015


A divine dish from land and sea alike, starring top-grade roasted veal tenderloin accented with caviar to bring out the full flavour and creamy succulence of this delicate premium cut.



Comté reserve Xavier selection, Ossetra caviar (Supplement $238)
Pairing Wine: Barolo, Massolino 2006


This incredible comté cheese was aged for 24 to 36 months by the famed François Bourgon, master cheesemonger from Toulouse, France. The creamy, nutty taste of the comté is a perfect complement to the exquisite caviar.


Chestnut, mango, passion berry & passion fruit seed
Pairing Wine: Vin de Paille, Dom. Rolet 2005

September signals the start of chestnut season, providing the menu with a beautiful flavour of autumn. A mango sorbet on the side presents a hint of tropical colour, the passion berries provide an enticingly tangy freshness, while the passion fruit seeds are inspired by the pearl-like appearance of fine caviar, allowing connoisseurs to enjoy the “caviar” pleasures to the fullest.



Five-course dinner: HKD1,888 + 10% per person (add caviar with HK$28 per gram)

Five-glass wine pairing: HKD680 + 10% per person

Shop 403, 4/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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