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Dry-aged Beef with Scarlett!

Scarlett Café & Wine Bar is introducing high quality Dry-Aged Beef from July 1st – August 31st.

Feast on the premium meat which has been dry-aged in a controlled environment for up to 120 days. During the dry-aging process, the moisture was drawn out of the meat while natural enzymes were breaking down the connective tissues, giving a remarkable depth of flavor and tenderness. Come and embark on a carnivorous journey and taste multiple cuts including;

  • Striploin 400gr (HK$ 328)
  • Rib-Eye 400gr (HK$ 398)
  • T-Bone 800gr (HK$ 798)
  • Prime Rib 1kg (HK$ 898)

2 Austin Avenue, TST Hong Kong
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