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Coastal Tour de France: La Riviera d’Alain Ducasse

From June 1 to July 31

Discover the Coastal Tour de France features “La Riviera d’Alain Ducasse” with a menu celebrating this glamorous summer destination in the South of France, known for its beauty and unique culinary style and also home to many unique treasures from the sea.

Executive Chef Guillaume Katola shares his culinary passion with regionally inspired dishes using the best seafood, fish and regional produce from the French Riviera.

“La Riviera d’Alain Ducasse” Menu

Enjoy the 5-course menu at HK$1,288, with a wine pairing option for an additional HK$688 per person.

The Dishes of “La Riviera d’Alain Ducasse”

  • Riviera-style sardines
    Summer is the best season for harvesting sardines. For the perfect starter, Executive Chef Guillaume Katola is serving them Riviera-style, using one of Alain Ducasse’s oldest recipes. The sardines are served with a flavourful mixture that includes swiss chard, tomato confit, parmesan cheese and olives.


  • Warm artichokes ‘barigoule’
    Artichokes ‘barigoule’ are a local seasonal favourite. Guillaume uses the whole artichoke, cleverly blending the artichoke leaves into a homemade vinegar sauce. In consideration of Hong Kong’s hot and humid summer weather, the dish is intentionally served warm, instead of hot.


  • Our bouillabaisse
    Since its original creation in the 18th century, bouillabaisse has been considered the traditional fisherman soup in the South of France. Nowadays, the recipe has become a reference for Provençal cuisine. Chef Guillaume brings this popular dish back to the Rech menu with his own personal adaption – using scorpion fish, red mullet, monkfish and John Dory.


  • Farmed Banon goat cheese
    If you are a cheese lover, you’ll adore this organic raw goat milk cheese from Banon, located in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.


  • Tropézienne
    When movie star Brigitte Bardot was filming in Saint-Tropez in the 1950s and first tried this tart, she loved it so much, she named it Tropézienne, in honour of the chic Riviera resort town which would later become her home. It has since become an iconic dessert of the region. Although many varieties have been created over the years, many say the traditional recipe is still the best. On our Rech menu, Pastry Chef Thomas Moulin is serving the authentic brioche, soaked in Grand Marnier and filled with butter cream.
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