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A new exhibition with the artist RAPHAËLE DE BROISSIA at CHÂTEAU ZOOBEETLE opening from 28th November, 2019 to 30th January 2019. 


Raphaële de Broissia is a French artist living in Hong Kong who uses everyday materials to create pieces made from a combination of painting, sculpting and textile design. Her artworks are made from special and new materials often created from her own experimental processes, which makes her art innovative.


Raphaële de Broissia will pursue the creative research from her « Line-by-Line » series, recently presented in Art Next expo in PMQ. This time, she will explore further the theme of tropical forest, exuberant and bursting with all sorts of life. This new series, named « Zoom » , will be inspired by tree bark, patches of moss or bamboo forests and also by iridescent colors seen on beetles shells or butterflies wings. It will be a deep dive into the Château Zoobeetle concept store.


38, Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Hong Kong
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