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Celebrate Valentine’s day with Jeux de Liens Harmony – CHAUMET

Chaumet introduces the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions.

The Maison offers us different interpretation of a universal symbol of unity and perfection, the circle. Chaumet invents the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions, a strong contemporary sentimental jewel that fits any style, still so elegant. Jeux de Liens expresses how much you care and appreciate your other half uniqueness.

‘The roundness of the Jeux de Liens Harmony takes us into the mythic world of the Maison, where sentiment shapes history and destinies. A medallion in two asymmetrical parts – as
different and magnetic as two people can be – is connected by crossed links, evoking the magic of an encounter.’ CHAUMET

The collection expresses simplicity and true romance. Layers works well, don’t hesitate to pair different ones up, that’s a French touch for sure!


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With their adjustable chain, these creations can be layered on limitlessly with Jeux de Liens pendants. Whether to offer another or oneself, the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions are designed to be engraved on the gold side, to hold the memory of a name, a date or a personal message.



Shop G01 & 201, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Hong Kong
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