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BERLUTI – The New Alessandro 1895

Paying tribute to Berluti’s most emblematic shoe, this season’s Alessandro 1895 takes inspiration from the Maison’s archives, offering a model truly faithful to its founder’s imagination.




Created in 1895 by Alessandro Berluti, Alessandro 1895 is crafted from a single piece of Venezia Storico leather without any visible seam. Being the original Berluti lace-up shoe, Alessandro 1895 has come to embody the purest expression of House’s uncompromising style. The elegant artisanal feel of Alessandro 1895 is heightened by its high-end Goodyear sole construction: using two seams –  the first one attaching the upper of the welt and insole, the second one attaching the welt to the sole -, it includes a piping inserted with precision between the upper and the welt. The result is a strong, waterproof sole in keeping with bespoke bootmaker tradition. Details include waxed cotton laces, the new Berluti logo present on the insole and outsole, and the engraved size number appearing on the internal part of the heel, a knowing wink to the original Alessandro.




It is available in Cacao Storico, a Patina handpicked from the archives by Kris Van Assche for its inherent elegance and underlying complexity. Present in the original Berluti collections, it has a compelling antique feel.

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