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Josiane Laure x The Beauty – Special discount!


Josiane Laure’s methods are unique and innovative in their total alignment with the principles of Chinese medicine: systematic studies of changes in skin tone, mapping internal organ manifestations on specific areas of facial skin and the colours of the areas in question.

Every human possesses TAO, meaning a fluctuating balance between YIN and YANG that is physically expressed through the five-element theory. This theory categories humans into 5 basic morphological types. Seasons, organs, personality types, etc. are all also classified in a similar manner.

This knowledge is key to putting together a personalized treatment plan which, combined with energetic lymphatic drainage and ‘Laure’s Essentials’ products, leads to spectacular results as part of a face and body treatment session.

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Mangan Building, 號 4 樓 B 室, 18-20 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
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