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Stay in Hong Kong with a French twist: Voyage series – Abbaye de Senanque

Photo credit: Belambra 

The Abbaye de Sénanque, recognized as the most beautiful monastery in France, is a dream attraction that must be visited during the lavender season. The limestone monastery was built by monks in the 12th century and planted by monks. Maybe is the God’s blessing? The lavender field feels a sense of incompetence.   

And when you are in Hong Kong, the Tian Tan Buddha is an important landmark in Hong Kong, attracting many Chinese and foreign believers and tourists to come and visit. In addition to being an outstanding project, the Tian Tan Buddha is also an outstanding achievement in modern Buddhist sculpture art and a precious cultural heritage of mankind.  

It is also the world’s tallest outdoor bronze sitting Buddha, sitting majestically on the Muyu Peak on Lantau Island in Hong Kong at an altitude of 482 meters. This majestic Buddha, which was built by the Po Lin Monastery and was completed in 12 years, symbolizes the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong, the country and the people, and the peace of the world. 


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