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Eres – For Women by Women

By drawing inspiration from women’s lives, their needs, their daily activities and their desires, Eres has obtained a unique perspective on our fast-moving times.

Eres’ unique approach led to a new philosophy – the Art of the Body – the portrayal of a complete femininity and a contemporary sensuality.

Founded by Irène Leroux in 1968, Eres’ history has been one of partnership with a woman’s body whatever her shape.

It was in this changing society that Eres put down its roots. In 1968, Irène Leroux decided to take over her parents’ boutique and sell swimsuits throughout the year, not only during the summer months traditional within the industry. Nobody had yet thought nor dared, to design proper swimwear collections for the whole year. This was Irène Leroux’s first revolution. Her second was to separate the tops of her creations from the bottoms. For the first time, women were mistresses of their style and could assume ownership of their swimsuit to the full, making it to suit their own image, creating it a second skin.

Irène Leroux liberated the swimsuit from the constraints of padding and boning, turning this fashion item into a second skin that flatters the body’s natural curves.

Graphic and chic, these second-skin garments were produced in high-tech fabrics of impeccable quality, elasticity and body-sculpting capacity. From 1968, Eres adopted Lycra – then only recently invented – for its swimsuits. There followed the Parachute that dries instantly and Peau Douce, a knit that really feels like a second skin.

In 1996, Eres became part of the Chanel group. Thanks to this new backing, the brand branched out two years later into lingerie, and immediately revolutionized this very competitive market.

Once again, the brand chose to defy the rules, and break with the stereotypical ideas of blatant sexiness to come up with sleek contemporary lines.

From this self-imposed minimalism there then emerged a new sensuality, chic and light, relying once again on ground-breaking and innovative materials that met women’s needs for comfort, freedom, support and style.

Tulle – supple and light as air – and the fine, accommodating Lumière Jersey softly envelop the body, playing on pretence, modesty and immodesty.

The modernity of the textiles continues to respect traditional know-how and techniques and from this artisan heritage, Eres draws on the fine silks, and delicate Puy or Calais Leavers laces.

to make women beautiful, to make their life easier and enable them to enjoy “their” Eres for as long as possible.

Eres’ leitmotif

Irène Leroux freed herself from the conventions of fashion in swimwear, and later, from the rules of traditional corsetry.

Through its constant new work on sculptural lines and on architectural research, Eres has constructed a groundbreaking style, the couture design and products connected with contemporary times. The brand has also developed a new vocabulary of beachwear, homewear and accessories that is totally in keeping with the image of the brand.

Above all, Eres brought out skin tones, thereby creating the concept of the nude look in the world of lingerie and swimwear. This ultra-feminine minimalism is also reinterpreted using intense colors such as red and blue.

Eres has carved its own niche in customer relations as well. From the very beginning, Eres has always focused on addressing women first and foremost, and using an intimate register whilst offering them an accurate and sensitive representation of themselves. Throughout the images that punctuate the history of Eres, women’s lives are portrayed from a novel angle. Liberation of the body, gender diversity, and revolutionary design and technology are seen in a fresh light before the lenses of the great photographers.

Each of their images is a fresh celebration of a modern and timeless femininity. There is a celebration of every type of beauty, portrayed by the modern boyishness of Lou Doillon, the voluptuousness of Lara Stone or the non-conformity of Catherine McNeil.

Eres has been able to glean the quintessence of a visionary, avant-garde, classic brand that very soon aroused the interest of international stars.

About Eres

The Maison Eres signs collections of swimwear and lingerie whose style and architecture emphasize the natural femininity of the body.

the beginning of Eres
In the late 1960s, a few days before summer, female customers were in a hurry to pick out their swimwear. These were uncomfortable times with the fear of stripping off sometimes meeting the thrill of treating themselves to a chic and becoming item that would show them in a beautiful, sporty light. The swimsuit fascinates and disturbs, captivates and frightens. It is, after all, the most intimate article of clothing after lingerie. Female emancipation was still in its early stages and yet women had never been so close to independence.


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