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Content Creator – J Lou

Do you know Hong Kong is the top destination for French people who want to live and work in Asia? With more than 25,000 French living in Hong Kong, there are a lot of interesting stories around the city… 

Descending from a French  Chinese family, J Lou gained popularity for showcasing her daily life of living in a multicultural family in Hong Kong on YouTube, with her videos featuring funny yet authentic interaction with her Chinese mom and French dad.  The recently released video “STRICT Chinese Mom Reacts To My Instagram Pictures!” went viral and pushed view counts to an astonishing 4-million, it demonstrates a typical Chinese mom’s reaction towards her daughter’s contents on social media account. Today, we are happy to have J Lou to share her story with us. 

Hi J Lou! Thanks for coming today. Before we start the interview, would you mind introducing yourself a bit to our community?   
j lou

Hi Everyone. I am J Lou! I am a content creator and I am also known as a girl who is obsessed with rice. 

Growing up in a multicultural family could be a bit confusing. Although I have been living here all my life, I look like a foreigner to some people, regardless of the fact that I am completely fluent in Cantonesejust like other HongKongers. But when I am in France, I will be seen as an Asian. So, it is always like, “Oh, where do I belong to?” 

After I have started my YouTube channel, I realized that there are so many people like me – a third culture kid. But identity confusion is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you find a way to embrace it, it can be a blessing. 

Can you share with us any interesting thing of growing up in a multicultural family? 

I think one of the interesting things is having my English accent changed all the time. I grew up speaking English with my parents, but neither of them has English as their native languageSo, you can imagine that the accent never stopped changing. Then when I went to school, the teachers spoke with another accent! It was quite funny. 

And with the vocabulary as well. Although my parents and I have always been speaking in English, as English is not their first language, they make mistakes sometimes and it could lead to some misunderstandings yet funny memories.

What was your dream job when you were small? 

Honestly, my dream job was to be a singer. As a kid, we don’t really think of money or your parents’ expectation, right? Your dream job would be something that you really love. And back then I really lovesinging. And that is what I wanted to do. 

If I had a chance, I would still like to be a singer. I know people might think I am silly, but you know, when I started my YouTube channel, people said I am silly as well. So, why not? 

j lou singing
What is a content creator to you? And why have you chosen this as your career? 

To me, a content creator is a person who conveys their message and find what they like to talk about through their creativity. The reason why I became a content creator is really simple. It was because I have the urge to perform and the platform ended up being online. 

I started posting videos on YouTube since my university years. It was just for fun at the beginning, but then it became my job before I even graduated. It just happened, it has chosen me, I guess. As I have mentioned, I really love performing, and it was only depending on where it is going to be. And lucky for me, one of my videos attracted huge attention and here I am. 

Can you use a few words to describe Hong Kong and France respectively? 

I think Hong Kong is almost like the whole world come togetherIt is a cultural melting pot and fast-paced city. You can be surrounded by skyscrapers in this second, but after a 15minute drive, you will find yourself in the green and beautiful nature. 

For France, the first word came up on my mind is “historical”. All the architectures … you know, they really preserve the tradition well. 

What is French lifestyle to you? 

It is slowing down; it is enjoying things. Not just getting straight to the result, but more of enjoying the process. 

french lifestyle
What would be your next achievement? 

I just started my new brand – Ricefam and I am working on expanding the brand. Ricefam is a place for people like me, facing identity confusion and do not feel like they belong to a certain culture and country. After I have started my YouTube channel, I realized that a lot of my followers and many people outside indeed share the same problem with me. Some of their parents might have migrated to the US or other countries. Although they are ethnic Chinese or with other Asian root, they grew up in a foreign country. I hope they can resonate with Ricefam. 

It was really a pleasure to meet with J Lou, smart, nice and ‘petillante’ personality. She is really talented and we wish her all the best! Do not hesitate to follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and discover her upcoming projects!  


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