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Where to find us

Founded in France in 2005, Puressentiel expands in over 80 countries in the world, and arrives Hong Kong in 2018. Now, Puressentiel is available in Hong Kong 8 Watsons stores* and Cosmetiques de France online store.


Puressentiel is the leader on the aromatherapy market in pharmacies and aims to invent tomorrow’s healthcare through the efficacy of nature.

Harnessing nature’s purest and most powerful ingredients in a way that’s environmentally responsible and fair to producers, and to make them accessible to everyone has been the mission that Puressentiel had set itself from day one.

Our ambition? To invent tomorrow’s health everyday – purer, more natural and more effective, to give our body even more well-being.

Every Puressentiel product is a pure concentrate of natural active ingredients – nothing unnecessary is added. For all of our daily aches and pains, our well-being, beauty and lifestyle, choose Puressentiel.

Selecting Puressentiel means making the choice to take care of ourselves and those we love… naturally.

The Puressentiel® range brings us “the efficacy of nature!”




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