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Where to find us

Founded by Eric Kayser over 20 years ago in Paris, Maison Eric Kayser is dedicated to bringing authentic artisanal products back to the table. His famous bread and danish selections are all made using his signature, liquid leaven and slow fermentation process, which enhance the aromas, taste, shelf life and digestibility of the bread.


Every day in Hong Kong and in over 150 other locations worldwide, artisan bakers and chefs from Maison Eric Kayser start baking in-house early in the morning, crafting each product themselves by using traditional methods to offer the freshest and highest quality.


Present in Hong Kong since 2013, Maison Eric Kayser now offers its traditional breads, pastries and savory selection in six shops in the island. While each of them is unique, they all aim to become a center stage of their neighborhood, reflecting the identity and lifestyle of the area they belong to, as well as bringing in a touch of Parisian culture to the landscape.

Open from early morning till evening, Maison Eric Kayser shops wish to provide their hungry customers with everything they might need throughout the day: a warm croissant with a perfect cup of coffee for breakfast, the mid-morning sweet break, tasty sandwiches and salads at lunch time, traditional pastries and teas for the afternoon sweet cravings, a crusty baguette to take home at night, a luxury cake to celebrated a loved one birthday…


Bon Appetit!


Dine in or takeaway available Breakfast set from $30

Lunch set from $60

Catering for business meals and events available.


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