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Parisian eyewear with over ninety years of experience

Unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and Parisian chic.

Autumn of 1923 on Rue Vignon in Paris’s Madeleine district, Monsieur Louis Lafont opened a small boutique selling spectacles and hearing aids.

For the next three generations this Parisian Art Deco boutique has set a standard for designing eyewear. Years later Philippe, Louis’s grandson, along with his wife Laurence, began to transform glasses into a genuine fashion accessory.

Together the couple produced innovative designs, and began collaborating with major fashion houses including Hermes and Chanel. The exceptional eyewear makes the House of Lafont a premier innovator of spectacle design.

By the end of the 1970’s Lafont’s elegant, and chic frames attracted the attention of fashionistas on the Rue Cambon and beyond.

Today the company is run by the fourth Lafont generation, led by Louis’s great grandsons Matthieu and Thomas. The House emphasizes artisanal craftsmanship with an focus on elegance and strong family values – all backed by a name you can refer to: Lafont.

This Parisian institution now operates five boutiques under its own name in France and exports to over forty countries.

Discover Lafont’s Optical and Sunglasses collection for Women, Men and Children.

Glasses made in France. The House of Lafont is also accredited with the OFG (Origin France Guarantee) label.


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