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Where to find us

Author of Perfumes

Goutal is a French Perfume House inspired by personal memories and images which tell olfactive tales. Founded in 1981 under the impetus of creator Annick Goutal, the namesake brand is still driven by the same passion today: to whisper stories in the hollow of the neck.

The fragrance creations by the House of Goutal are inspired by a clever blend of poetry and luxuriant nature, botanicals and everlasting culture, harnessing their storytelling power to embody the vocation of “Author of Perfumes”.

The name of each Goutal fragrance sounds like the title of a novel, painting pictures that spark the imagination. Each fragrance tells a story that can be experienced on the skin and that will awaken all of your senses. Since the founding of the House, strong personalities have always fallen in love with the Goutal perfumes.

Today Camille Goutal, Annick’s daughter is the Creative Director of the House. She has taken over the composition of each fragrance in harmony with Isabelle Doyen, a loyal perfumer of the brand since its creation. Together they continue to communicate the charmed life of Annick Goutal to customers all around the world.

Goutal’s first and largest Asia flagship store – La Maison Goutal, located at the heart of Causeway Bay Hong Kong, will be opened in the summer of 2019.


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