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Founded in 1821, Le faïencerie de Gien is renowned for its stunning earthenware artistry executed by the finest craftsmen at the Gien Faïence factory in Loire Valley, France. Bestowed with an exceptional heritage, it perpetuates a legacy of fine faience and creates designs drawing on timeless and contemporary inspiration and shapes.


For more than 190 years, Gien has produced a wide variety of items including services decorated with monograms and coats of arms of over 2,600 royal and noble European families. Gien is highly unique with rich styles, refined and varied shapes and a stunning array of vivacious colors. Today, the factory creates contemporary dinnerware and giftware as well as art Faïence pieces. The art Faïence pieces in keeping with the 19th century tradition are modeled by hand and decorated with deigns transferred from copper plates from the Gien archives. The pieces are then painted by artistic hands resulting in a true work of art.


Exclusively distributed by Heather & March in Hong Kong

About Heather & March

Established in 1998, Heather & March is a refined and instrumental lifestyle company specializing in the retail, wholesale and interior business. We are the pioneer in introducing sophisticated lifestyle and culinary workshops promoting authentic French know-how since 1998. We are the exclusive agent of a number of world renowned tableware, silverware, table linen, and home interior products. The key brands we represent but not limited to include Charles Lighting Paris, Ercuis, Gabriel-Glas, Gien, Le Jacquard Français, Raynaud, Moissonnier, Cristallerie de Montbronn and Noël.

Heather & March is a successful story demonstrating the real Hong Kong dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. Our founder originally from Hong Kong, who blends her sophisticated taste, talents and knowledge in French living know-how, with her proven multinational business experience around the globe, has turned her personal passion into a highly respectable and beautiful lifestyle brand in Hong Kong for over 20 years.

We gained strong applause from customers and peers making Heather & March the true Ambassador of French Art of Living. We invite you to explore our store, not only to discover elegant products and services but also to share with you the spirit of graceful living.


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