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The Maison Eres signs collections of swimwear and lingerie whose style and architecture emphasize the natural femininity of the body.


the beginning of Eres
In the late 1960s, a few days before summer, female customers were in a hurry to pick out their swimwear. These were uncomfortable times with the fear of stripping off sometimes meeting the thrill of treating themselves to a chic and becoming item that would show them in a beautiful, sporty light. The swimsuit fascinates and disturbs, captivates and frightens. It is, after all, the most intimate article of clothing after lingerie.
Female emancipation was still in its early stages and yet women had never been so close to independence.
Irène Leroux sensed the profound change afoot in French society. The founder of the brand decided that she would supply swimsuits all year long.
The decision was a bold one, and the initiative was ambitious. While leisure and sporting activities were on the rise, the swimsuit offer was poor, standard and only available in the summer months. Eres thus became the first brand to supply swimsuits all year round. It was also the first brand to sell tops and bottoms separately, allowing women to not only choose their favourite, possibly mismatching styles, but also to opt for differently sized pieces.


body architecture
Eres believes in a natural look and loves nothing more than simplicity. The brand took swimsuits still reminiscent of corsets and removed the stays; it then did away with the underwire too. These features were replaced by the cut of the fabric, seams and finishes which provided the necessary support.
The design of the swimsuits was as meticulous as the sculpting of a piece of artwork. While keeping things natural was the priority and basis for the line, it was also important to push the boundaries of ingenuity to achieve a good fit. A revolutionary fabric made this possible: it is a raw material, in a way. And that’s body architecture: modelling a fabric against the skin and delicately and gently reshaping the contours of a silhouette.

technique for femininity
The brand relentlessly pursues its technical excellence, from its Research and Development department to its quality control.
Laser cut-outs combined with machine assembly jobs ensure robust products. The result of years of research, the fabrics with such sought-after second-skin comfort are continually improved and controlled. The feel, elasticity and colour are studied and each fabric is assessed, tested and approved to guarantee Eres certification.
There really is such a thing as sensual high-tech.

creativity and modernity
At Eres, creativity, fashion and modernity are closely linked. The brand works at the pace of a Fashion House with the collections presented twice a year as a ready-to-wear collection would be, comprising wardrobe essentials.
The extreme quality of cuts and finishes points to a couture design. The cuts are executed to perfection with the styles adapting to all body shapes. The neat finishes and meticulous details are perceivable to those in the know: beautiful fabrics front and back, Vous-et-Moi stitch, triangle inserts, lumière thread, etc.



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