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Authenticity, avant-garde and elegance.

Since its creation in 1849, these fundamental values have set the tone for the House of Cointreau. A creative partner to the best bartenders, Cointreau is at the heart of more than 350 cocktails enjoyed throughout the world, such as the Side Car, the Margarita and the Cosmopolitan.

Cointreau liqueur came from the original idea of combining sweet and bitter orange peel, giving it its unique and delicate flavour: the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness.

Margarita loves Cointreau!

Cointreau is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the original margarita cocktail and the vital role it played in making cocktail history by bringing all the energy and vibrant atmosphere of Acapulco, Mexico, to life with a series of events in celebration of one of the world’s most popular cocktails.  The cocktail was created by Margaret “Margarita” Sames, who famously said of her instantly iconic concoction, “A margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt”.

Cointreau has been inseparable from the margarita since its creation in 1948. The margarita has achieved true icon status and Cointreau is honoured to celebrate its place in the original recipe, which combines 30ml Cointreau, 50 ml Blanco Tequila and 20 ml fresh lime juice, shaken with ice and served in a salt-rimmed margarita glass.

Recreating Classics

As a celebration of the 70th anniversary, Cointreau will be pairing up with bars in Hong Kong throughout the period May to June 2018. This year’s Bar Awards is presenting two prestigious outlets that create new exciting cocktails with the use of Cointreau. Combining the bitterness of coffee with the freshness of Cointreau, aqua from Tsim Sha Tsui will be serving the cocktail designed by Simone Rossi. In the only oriental restaurant located in LKF Tower, guests of Fang Fang will be able to enjoy the innovative cocktail Champaca Margarita at their bar and lounge crafted by Gagan Gurung.


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