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Where to find us

Berluti has been making shoes for the elegant man since 1895. Offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity are keynotes of the House, while its character remains the same. To visit Berluti is to experience first-hand the leading character traits of the House.


Inspired by Parisian architecture, the founders of the House designed their models on pure, classic, timeless lines. At today’s Berluti, classic style is still a sound value, but never a constraint. The models in our collections are worn with unrestricted ease.


Berluti products are imbued with an authenticity and culture on their own. Whether it is a custom-made shoe or a jacket from the ready-to-wear collection, purity of line is always the key. Subtle touches catch the eye in the gleam of a patina or the sheen of a fabric. One comes to Berluti not for showy luxury, but for luxury pure and simple.

Berluti doesn’t follow fashions, it sets them. In the 1980s, when virtually all men’s shoes were black, brown or bordeaux for the most extravagant, the House opted for color and developed the fine art of patinated leather. Produced by hand by expert colorists and replete with essential oils, the patinas, with evocative names like “cocoa”, “autumn leaf”, “smoky gray black” and the more recent “Saint Emilion”, give shoes a distinctive color rich with life and character.


Discreet or extravagant, sober or flamboyant, this patina makes each pair of Berluti shoes unique, in the image of the man who owns them. Because he is the one who chooses the final patina.

Hand-assembled and customizable from the wooden last to the choice of leather and patinas, Berluti bespoke shoes combine absolute comfort and unique flair.  As opposed to ready-to-wear shoes, or “demi-mesure” shoes, which are simple adaptations of existing models, bespoke shoes are created from scratch. The client is at the very center of the process, and the future shoe will be created according to the morphology of his foot.


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