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Arbor, which channels a haven of trees and the forest, is a tranquil beacon rising above Central that provides a scintillating destination for nature-rich gastronomy, fine wines and the loftiest standards in hospitality. Imagined as the sanctuary for relaxation amidst the fast paced bustle of Hong Kong, Arbor serves as an elevated home away from home for fine dining, drinks, business meetings and life’s many celebrations.


Created by Chef de Cuisine Eric Räty, a rising star from Finland’s pristine environment with rich fine dining experience from elite destinations like Restaurant Chez Dominique (2 Michelin stars) and Aqua in Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg (3 Michelin stars), Arbor’s menu is inspired by nature and a fundamental respect for the changing seasons. Every dish reflects the woods, the forest and the trees through flavour, fragrance, preparation technique or creative presentation. Using a blend of French cooking techniques and premium ingredients sourced mainly from Japan, Arbor’s cuisine is creatively light but developed with sharp, bright flavours that come from rare, exotic ingredients to nourish and excite the palate.


Created by world-renowned design firm Yabu Pushelberg, Arbor’s interior themes embrace nature with rustic sophistication and understated elegance, featuring a collection of warm, soft textures and botanic tones. The bar is the perfect spot for drinks, happy hours and social gatherings, while the pair of lavish private dining rooms can be combined into one large space for parties of private revellers.


Arbor’s wine cellar is rich with balance between established great vintages from famed producers and bold winemakers that are worthy of exploration. Built by a team of world-class sommeliers together with personal selections by Arbor’s passionate owner, the wine list is diverse and fit for any wine lover from beginner to connoisseur. To house this 1,700-bottle collection, renowned cellar design studio, Sensis, has custom-designed a unique facility that provides perfect conditions for Arbor’s storied collection. Custom guest storage will also be available upon request, subject to space availability.


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