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Berluti – The Art of Being Unique

Since it was founded by Alessandro Berluti in 1895, Berluti has differentiated itself by offering its clients a level of sophistication that could only come through personalisation. Collection after collection, Berluti refines and expresses its inimitable savoir-faire in unmistakable signs of distinction.

To continue penning this story of exclusivity with customers, the Maison offers five leather personalization services available in all of our stores:

  • The patina of the leather
  • Hand tattooing the leather
  • Bespoke shoemaking and tailoring
  • Special order
  • Hot-stamping of initials

The patina of the leather

“Patina is the art that gives life to shoes” Olga Berluti

Patina is a unique, hand-applied expertise performed by Berluti colourist experts who honour a venerable tradition and very precise techniques. A patina can be applied on a wide variety of products; shoes, bags, belts and accessories in Venezia calfskin and Alligator skin.

The patina adds depth and character to the leather, giving it a personality all of its own. This subtle combination of transparency and tinting lends depth of colour and incomparable character. Whether discreet or extravagant, modest or colourful, the patina can be tailored to every whim, personality and season.

Venezia calfskin, a Maison leather signature developed exclusively by and for Berluti, helps protect and care for the leather, above all, a patina personalises a leather article.

Berluti offers two iconic colours for its patina service; tobacco brown and Saint-Emillon red. There are over forty finely nuanced shades possible catering to a wide range of preferences.

The first patina is complimentary but the beauty of the service is that by adding layers the patina can revitalise the leather, allowing it to adapt to the fashion or the season or the changing taste of the customer.


Tattooing is the most intimate form of human self-expression and creativity. It took Olga Berluti many years to perfect the art of tattooing leather, and now Berluti has taken “skin art” and applied it to the “second skin” they use for their shoes. Berluti’s artisans create unique pieces by hand in this exclusive process that accentuates not only the texture and depth of the leather but the personality of the wearer.

Berluti’s tattoo collection falls into four distinct themes. There are designs of insects and animals that have a romantic quality and evoke illustrations in classic literature. For the superstitious, there are the signs of the Western and Chinese zodiac. There is also powerful vintage inspired designs of eagles. And finally, there’s the option of Berluti’s signature calligraphy.

In addition to Berluti’s catalogue of forty patterns, customers are welcome to suggest their own ideas and designs to the artists.


There is no greater level of customisation than a bespoke product built from scratch and refined to perfectly fit the owner. Berluti has been crafting handmade bespoke shoes at their workshop in Paris since 1895 and this service remains at the heart of what the company does today. Berlluti Bespoke shoes combine absolute comfort with one-of-a kind aesthetic appeal.

In all those years, very little has changed with Berluti’s bespoke shoemaking and the customer is still at the centre of the process. Available by appointment, the bespoke service takes the customer on a journey into personalisation. Unlike ready-to-wear or Special Order shoe based on existing models, Bespoke shoes begin with a blank slate. The customer is at the centre of the creative process and the shoe is designed based on the morphology of the customer’s foot alone.

Guided by the master shoemaker, the customer is intimately involved at every stage, in every choice. Customers can choose the style, the leather, the stitching, the sole, the lining, the patina and dozens of other elements to create shoes unique to them and truly reflective of their personality. The only limit lies in the customer’s imagination.

Special Orders

With over a century of expertise in the art of shoemaking, Berluti not only offers unrivalled levels of personalisation but also the ability to do the unexpected.

Special orders can add that something extra to the shoes and bags found in Berluti’s collection. Customers can customise details like the buckles made in precious metal or the use of exotic and rare skins like ostrich and alligator. They can choose from a bag, a pair of shoes, a belt – anything from Berluti collections and personalize it in infinite ways ranging from exclusive patinas, exotic leathers, special soles, added features, etc. The list is endless depending on the customer’s creativity and imagination.

Whatever the request, Berluti’s artisans are able to accommodate a wide variety of special orders.

Hot-stamping Initials

In more genteel times, monograms on bags and shoes were intended to identify the owner when the items were sent to be cleaned or were in transit. Today, a monogram adds a level of sophistication and that added personal touch.

Berluti offers complimentary hot-stamping of up to three initials on shoes, bags and other leather accessories. In yet another level of personalisation, the hot-stamp is available in ten different shades including two metallic tones in two sizes.

About Berluti

Berluti has been making shoes for the elegant man since 1895. Offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity are keynotes of the House, while its character remains the same. To visit Berluti is to experience first-hand the leading character traits of the House.

Inspired by Parisian architecture, the founders of the House designed their models on pure, classic, timeless lines. At today’s Berluti, classic style is still a sound value, but never a constraint. The models in our collections are worn with unrestricted ease.


Berluti products are imbued with an authenticity and culture on their own. Whether it is a custom-made shoe or a jacket from the ready-to-wear collection, purity of line is always the key. Subtle touches catch the eye in the gleam of a patina or the sheen of a fabric. One comes to Berluti not for showy luxury, but for luxury pure and simple.

Berluti doesn’t follow fashions, it sets them. In the 1980s, when virtually all men’s shoes were black, brown or bordeaux for the most extravagant, the House opted for color and developed the fine art of patinated leather. Produced by hand by expert colorists and replete with essential oils, the patinas, with evocative names like “cocoa”, “autumn leaf”, “smoky gray black” and the more recent “Saint Emilion”, give shoes a distinctive color rich with life and character.


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