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Beauty is a gesture – HERMÈS

Beauty, a new Hermès metier

Very first beauty collection to discover

Hermès Beauty is launching with a collection of lipstick. We can try the very Rouge Hermès satin lipstick with 14 shades and Rouge Hermès matte lipstick with 10 shades,

The texture is always comfortable, whatever the finish. The lips are moisturised and defined instantly. A high concentration of pigments, for intense, radiant and even colour for our daily or night life.

All lipsticks are refillable, we love this eco-friendly and elegant touch.

Don’t forget the accessories to enjoy it fully:

  • A lipstick case with integrated mirror
  • A pop-up lipstick case with corner stitching derived from unique artisan know-how
  • A moon mirror on a cord

All these accessories in Madame calfskin are available in three shades: Rouge Piment, Rouge H, and Gold.


“We approach this new métier in our own way, and with a great deal of pleasure. Hermès Beauty is part of who we are: a house where everything comes from creation, driven by artisans who seek to accompany the men and women of today with elegance, and with the integrity and au-thenticity that we represent. It is the quintessence of our affection for surprise and wonder, which embraces the object, its design, and the desire to be useful while inspiring dreams.” Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermès

All colours.

Just created to exalt the everyday.

BEIGE NATUREL Pinky-beige, tanned beige, a colour that fits like a glove. Naturally soft and flattering, it is found in all Hermès métiers.

BEIGE KALAHARI An ochre-infused, muted, darkened shade referring to the eponymous desert that lies between the Zambezi and Orange River basins stretching from Namibia to Botswana.

BEIGE TADELAKT A traditional Moroccan plaster combined with Berber know-how contributes to the radiance of pebble-polished houses with a soft and sensual sunny, orange glow.

ORANGE BOÎTE Originating in 1942 due to a shortage of packaging, this bright and dynamic orange became a signature of the house. The matte version echoes the Skito paper of the orange box. The satin version is an off-beat interpretation.

CORAIL FLAMINGO An intense and vibrant orangey pink, it brings the staccato of vermilion to the lips; luminous and fresh in the luscious radiance of a smile.

ROUGE ORANGE The fieriness of vermilion brightened with a touch of light, the scarlet heart of a smile; the inverted reflection of Rouge Bleu.

ROUGE BLEU Its intensity catches the light; a muted, powdery red, charged with pigment, with a touch of magenta. As precious as a ruby, the queen of gemstones.

ROUGE EXOTIQUE Enduring, luminous, with the radiance of a freshly-squeezed pomegranate under an endless summer sun. Orange with a hint of pink.

ROUGE AMAZONE A warm-toned off-red, resembling brick reds or fired reds. A reference to the bright red introduced by Hermès in 1902 to show off the white coats of horses belonging to the Chinese Empress Cixi.

ROUGE CASAQUE With barely a hint of blue, at a stroke it evokes the iconic Kelly in Clémence bullcalf. Perfectly balanced, lush, intense, impetuous. A lipstick with character whose satin version is brighter than the matte.

ROUGE PIMENT A flamboyant distillation of summer in winter, this is the satin version of Rouge Bleu. It has the magenta radiance of a beating red heart.

ROUGE H Originating in 1925, this fullbodied colour neatly defined the house’s identity. A coloured shadow, neither blue nor yellow, with a hint of brown, almost burgundy. In matte it is deep, while the satin version is intense and luminous.

ROSE ENCENS Smoky, grey-toned, subdued, a Ganesh-coloured mist, a soaring pink that is both intense and soft, as silky as the Beloved India scarf by Philippe Dumas, in 33 colours.

ROSE ÉPICÉ The character of sensual new horizons: spicy, fragrant, the colour of terracotta.

ROSE BOISÉ Raspberry mocha, softened by an autumn breeze, a gentle and subtle rosewood, the wild scent of discreetly gathered forest fruits.

ROSE LIPSTICK Vibrant, electric, like a touch of colour bursting out of a scarf, a smooth and enticing note full of wit and joy.

ROSE MEXIQUE The snap of intense pink inspired by colourful architecture, in an ode to light. A bright, unearthly magenta pink.

ROSE DAKAR Reddened pink, fired red, as intense as Lake Retba in Senegal, it combines softness with the sensuality of a hue highly charged in pigment.

ROSE INDIEN A blue pink, intense and vibrant, emblematic of the Fantaisies indiennes theme adorned with a tree of life, luxuriant flowers and animals, inspired by the frescoes of Rajasthan.

ROSE VELOURS The essence of a delicately darkened, muted, sweetheart pink, as soft and velvety as a fabric from the East.

ROSE ZINZOLIN A darkened, smoky purple, a touch of violet. The joyful harmony of a shade with a thousand faces. Zuzzolino in Italian and djoudjolân in Arabic, zinzolin draws its colour from the sesame seed.

Collection is available in:


Hermès was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès in Paris. Since then, six generations of enterprising and passionate artisans have devoted themselves to creating objects of the highest quality. From its beginnings as harness-makers to the rich medley of collections offered today, its founding values remain the same – creative freedom, fine craftsmanship, innovation and excellence. By drawing on the strength of its roots and applying the house values to the pursuit of innovation, the company continues its steady growth, inspired by the spirit of those who built its history. Hermès is now an international group but still remains a home of artisans.


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