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Autrement Exhibition with CHAUMET

CHAUMET inaugurates the Autrement exhibition at its 1881 Heritage Flagship boutique. Discover or explore again the unique universe of the Maison. The exhibition brings together art and fashion, history and trends in an outstanding and privileged atmosphere.

The second floor of Chaumet 1881 Heritage flagship boutique is transformed into an odyssey into the strange and the exceptional: exploring the infinite potential of jewellery to become more than just ornamentation. Through a series of photographs by Julia Hetta, classics of Chaumet’s long and illustrious history are appropriated and recast into fascinating and entirely innovative forms.

Classic jewellery pieces of the famed Maison, including Chaumet’s storied archival pieces and such favourites as the Joséphine collection, are revisited at the Autrement exhibition: High Jewellery necklaces become headbands; Jeux de Liens and Liens Séduction sautoirs are worn as shoulder strap or anklets; Espiègleries brooches appear as precious hair pins; a Liens Évidence wedding band hugs a lock of hair;  Joséphine Aigrette bracelets are worn like palm jewels; and a Bee My Love cocktail ring is transformed into a scarf ring – the exhibition wrings new beauty with daring creativity while preserving the unique character of the Maison’s exquisite pieces.

Key to all this is an understanding of both art and fashion: that the reinvention of established splendour is but an exercise of the imagination, and a daring to make it new.

The Autrement exhibition is a celebration of both new and old, bringing them together to create something that respects the achievements and foundations of yesterday while also looking clearly towards a future full of promise and wonder. At this exhibition, Chaumet brings to life not only its own history, but reinvigorates the very art of understanding jewellery itself, with the artistry and craftsmanship of the jewellery becoming a part of the splendour that should suffuse the everyday.


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