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Antioxidant boost and natural ingredients- La Maison du Chocolat

Infinite nutritional richness of vegetables and fruits

Using ingredients with dense nutritional values boosts the antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds and vitamins in chocolate.

Mango, turmeric, aloe vera, propolis, squash seeds, and pomegranate are the key players in Bien Etre collection, which boasts a minimum of 45% fruits, sometimes up to 74%.


Subtle explosion of pomegranate in this dark ganache tempered by a delicate fruit gelee with raspberry and chokeberry juice. With their fruity and acidulous notes, the red fruits transform the astringency of the pomegranate into as invigorating, explosive cocktail.

Peach Propolis:

With its fruity and acidulous tones, the peach serves up round, flavorful accents drizzled with propolis. A sweet chocolate inviting a moment of total serenity.

Praline Squash seeds:

Under a dark chocolate couverture, discover lovely roasted squash seeds, nestled in the heart of an almond and squash praline. 74% fruit, this luscious praline introduces a new very gourmand genre, with high content of magnesium.

Green apple Aloe Vera:

The focus on vegetal qualities invites us to discover the fresh flavor of aloe vera, brightened by fruit green apple with particularly dynamic crisp sensations. A wonderful pairing, full of energy.

Mango Turmeric:

A mouthful of subtly spicy mango encompasses this dark ganache with acidulous accents. Blended with a sweet mango puree, the turmeric subtly unveils a long, powdery chocolate finish on the palate. This brightly colored duo showcases its vitamin and antioxidant qualities.


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Antioxidant boost and natural ingredients- La Maison du Chocolat

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