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3 essential habits for your back-on-track

No matter how reluctant you are, you still have to face the reality — the joyful and carefree summer holiday has finally come to an end. Instead of being obsessed in the past, prepare yourself for the new challenges ahead is the top priority.  Take a look at these 3 tips and see what you have to do!

1. Reset Your Body Clock

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Holidays always come with temptations. Hanging out with friends till late night, watching Youtube videos or drama for hours, playing on the mobile phone…… you are just busy enjoying your vacations. Keeping good hours and your healthy lifestyle? It is just more than difficult.

Starting from September, restart everything by regulating your sleeping habit. Ensuring yourself to sleep for at least 7 hours as this is the pre-requisite of health and intelligence. It is now, or never.

2. Prepare your agenda/ schedule book

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The first week of back to work may be tranquil without heavy workload. Gradually, your work life will be filled up with tons of tight deadlines and projects. Use a schedule book to help you memorize all the important dates. You will be more familiar with an important life skill — time management.

3. Stay optimistic and enthusiastic!

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Do you still remember the first day of work or the first day of internship?  Anxious about meeting new colleagues and managers,  confused by the immense and incomprehensible excel data, worried about how to adapt to new environment…… all these emotions reflect the distrust of yourself.

As the time gone by, the previous obstacles are deemed a piece of cake as our ability increases from time to time. It is always more essential to focus on growth rather than frustration. Stay optimistic and trust yourself. This will definitely make your life easier!


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